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About Project Groundwater

Project Groundwater is a six-year programme working with communities in up to nine high-risk flood areas of the Chiltern Hills and Berkshire Downs. It is led by Buckinghamshire Council in partnership with five other local authorities and Flood Community Groups.


Project Groundwater will forever transform how communities prepare and respond to groundwater flooding.


By working together, Project Groundwater will develop innovative and sustainable solutions to groundwater flooding that will:
  • share understanding and increase awareness
  • actively monitor flood events and improve warning systems
  • prepare communities to respond to and withstand flood events


As a community-focused partnership, Project Groundwater is underpinned and directed by four core principles:
  • Collaboration – so that those impacted by groundwater flooding can be at the heart of everything we do
  • Innovation – because communities deserve the best service possible which existing systems and technology may not achieve
  • Sustainability – because the risk of groundwater flooding will continue into the future
  • Transparency – because we understand the real-world impacts of groundwater flooding and want to maintain people's trust in the project

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